Buffels Bay paragliding site Knysna

Site is situated at the scenic village of Buffels Bay good for surfing & swimming.The Launch site is near the parking bays but there is two near the houses but caution as mistakes can hurt .
Site is tricky as low dune take-offs need strong wind to get airborne…When you cant stand on the beach with glider above and going backwards dont fly .

You take off in front of houses’ lawns so be courteous.
Don’t land among bathers.
Don’t take off on conservation dune.

Contact Deon: Knysna paragliding 072 199 0622


10 - 70m

Danger : Strong gust and been blown into buildings or over back of ridge .
Site Grading:
Basic with 10 sign-off
Wind Direction:
E-SE 20 - 30 Km/h
Season: Summer
Direction: use site map