Kleinkrantz Wilderness paragliding site

Perfect student training site near Wilderness Village , low dunes, possible to fly to Paradise Ridge .The sites of Kleinkrantz are west and east of kleinkrantz village and in the center is the famous Flyers lodge on the Beach which is walking distance to both sites. The Kleinkrantz Dunes is used by Knysna paragliding as there main training site for new students . Its ideal as it has soft sandy dunes with the perfect slope for short flights.Kleinkrantz Dunes is also one of the best sites for Tandem paragliding flights as we can launch from a low site and fly to the majestic Paradise ridge .One of the best sites in Wilderness to have soaring fun and to relax and check out the marine life.

Don’t trample dunes or disturb bird-life.

Contact Deon: 072 199 0622

Altitude: +/-30m
Site Grading: Basic
Wind Direction:
S-SW 15 - 30 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map