Sedgefield Cloud 9  paragliding site 

Sedgeview is a great site that works most days & some days it can really be strong thermic conditions.
The site is  contolled by owner fees must be paid at Shell garage Sedgefield before flying.This is our best site for Tandem Flights and training .The site overlooks the official Slow Town of Sedgefield and we fly over near the town centre .The launch site  is close to the N2 and only 5minutes from Sedgefield centre .The site is only 20 minutes from its sister Town on Knysna .

Max 1400 m ASL
Do not fly past the Pine trees 1.5 km to the West as the residents have objected to low flying Paragliders.
Parking space at take-off is limited, so please double up where possible.

Do not scratch close to the tree as it can become quite turbulent.
Watch out for sudden increases in wind speed.
Before attempting any Cross Country flights make sure that you have a designated recovery driver.
Read signboard

Contact:deon Knysna paragliding 072 1990622